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Bespoke Engravings

We can hand engrave your own unique design onto a locket. Prices start from £50, and take two weeks.

Hair Insertion

Post us your lock of hair and we can insert it into the locket.
Hair insertion costs £15 and takes 2 working days.

Family crests and monograms

Lockets are ideal for engraving family crests and monograms. Monogram lockets are frequently gifted upon a wedding, or to celebrate the birth of a child.

Prices start from £50 and take 7 -10 working days.

Copying handwriting or designs

We are able to copy a sample of someone's handwriting, or a design such as a child's drawing.
We can complete this within 48 hours.
Prices start from £25.

Runic Writing

We can transliterate your message into the mysterious language of runes. Your message costs £25 per side and will be accompanied by a complimentary Elder Futhark Rune Converter.

To order any of the above options, please email us at: details of your requirements.

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