How to insert your own photos


  1. All lockets are manufactured differently, so please check the details for your type of locket below. 
  1. You will need:
    • A tissue
    • A pin
    • Glue dots or paper glue
    • Scissors
    • Good light


If your locket has papers and perspexes

  1. Place the locket on the tissue on a table. Remove both the paper and perspex inserts by lifting them out carefully with a pin, taking care not to scratch the rim. Do not press down hard on the locket as this can damage the hinge.
  2. Place glue dots or a small amount of paper glue centrally inside the locket.
  3. Using the perspex as a template, (NOT the paper insert) cut round your photo - be sure to cut the photo exactly the same size as the perspex. The most common cause of problems with lockets is when the photo is too large.
  4. If your locket has a peg hole in the photo area, ensure that you trim the photo here, so that when the locket shuts, the peg does not bounce against the photo.
  5. If you feel ANY resistance when the locket shuts, this is a sign that the photo is incorrectly inserted (i.e. too big, or under the peg). Do not try to force the locket shut, but remove the photo and trim it further.
  6. Replace the perspex in the locket, ensuring that it is flat in all directions.


If your locket does not have papers and perspexes

  1. Measure the width and height of the photo area.
  2. Put glue dots or paper glue into the locket.
  3. Cut your photo to size and insert, ensuring that if there is a latch or peg hole in the locket, the photo is not protruding into this area.