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Photo Insertion Service


All orders placed for photo insertion before 10 am (Monday to Friday) will be completed and shipped the same day.
If we have a query with your photo insertion, we will email you straightaway, and provided the query is resolved before 12.00 midday, we will still be able to complete your order the same day.

Our Photo Insertion Service

First, we crop, adjust, and optimise the image for viewing on a miniaturised scale.
Next, we use a specialist printer to print the photo on premium photographic paper.
The photo is then coated with a protective agent which increases colour vibrancy and gives long-lasting protection from dust and moisture.
Finally, we cut the photo to size, insert, and mount it securely inside the locket.
To optimise the image, print, coat and and insert a photo into your locket is £9.95 per photo.


1) We normally crop the photo to the head and shoulders, unless you tell us otherwise. Please do not crop the photo yourself, as it is important that we have some background.
Please also ensure that the person's full head and shoulders are in the photo.
2) If you have any difficulty in uploading the photos, please send them as an attachment to our email address of:
If you are having trouble uploading photos with an iphone, please ensure that you are using the latest version of iOS which is 11.2.
3) If you are uploading more than 1 photo, please could you state, in the Notes/Instructions Box as you go through the Shopping Checkout, which photo you would like on the left hand side of the locket when open, and which photo you would like on the right hand side of the locket when open.
4) If you have a group photo and would like us to put e.g. 2 people from the photo into the locket, one person on each side of the locket, please upload the same photo twice.
5) If you would like to have a copy of an original photo inserted in a locket, please scan and upload the original photo, or alternatively please post it to us at: The Locket Tree, Basepoint Business Centre, Aviation Business Park, Enterprise Close, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6NX. (We would recommend that you use Special Delivery).
We will take a digital copy of the photo and size it to fit your locket. This has the advantage of enabling you to keep your original photo undamaged. We will then return your original photo with the locket.
7) Please do not wear your locket in the bath or shower.
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