Triple Locket Bracelet

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Made from solid sterling silver, this beautifully versatile bracelet incorporates three dainty round lockets.

Suitable for personalising with engravings, the outer lockets can hold messages up to 12 letters in length on both the front and back, with the central locket able to hold up to 16 letters. Due to the slight curvature of the lockets we recommend using the Roman font.

We orient the engraving like a watchface, but if you would like us to lay out the engraving in any other direction, please pop a note in the Instructions Box on the Checkout.

Up to six cherished photos can be held in the photo compartments, however please note if using all six spaces we will require additional time to be able to complete your order.

Central locket diameter: 15 mm

Outer lockets diameter: 11 mm


* * Please allow 3 business days for us to place all six photos within the lockets **